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Partnering with AZStRUT for their 15th Annual Recycling Day!

Emily Boser - Wednesday, April 15, 2015


We are honored to have been asked to partner with Arizona’s AZStRUT for their 15th Annual Recycling Day this Saturday, April 18th. The event will run from 8:00am - 12:00pm and with over 20 locations across the Valley, this is an amazing event that makes it so easy for residents to responsibly recycle those electronics that have been sitting around the house for the last few months - or maybe years!
AZStRUT is a non-profit organization whose model program teaches students valuable technology skills; provides quality refurbished computers to schools and non-profits around the state; and benefits the environment by diverting old equipment from our landfills. AZStRUT teachers train over 500 students each year at their 15 refurbishing schools across Arizona!
We believe it is incredibly important to educate the public and provide easy outlets for people to take a responsible approach to recycling electronics. Outlets where the public feels safe recycling data-sensitive items such as laptops or cell phones. It is with great excitement we align with AZStRUT to not only keep electronics out of our landfills, but to provide 2nd, 3rd and possibly 4th lives for this equipment by reintroducing back into the system as a form of education for current students.
If you would like to drop something off please click here for a full list of locations! 
For a list of items we recycle, please click here!

GreenBiz Countdown - ER2 is on the panel!

Emily Boser - Wednesday, February 18, 2015



After getting some food in our stomaches and less than an hour before we take the stage at the GreenBiz Conference, with much larger companies than ourselves such as Dell, Arrow Electronics and Sprint, we are left with a feeling of honor and pride. As you look across this panel, you might pose the question, how ER2 managed to land a spot among these corporate giants? At first we thought the same thing! But as we examined our company and not what we do but how we do it, we were once again reminded of how special and unique our business truly is.


We have an honest desire to live an breath our vision to 'Be Responsible', and it set's us apart from the rest. We give our partners a peace of mind that goes beyond any other company we've seen. We are meticulous in maintaining excellence down to the appearance our warehouse floors! With that kind of attention to detail our partners are confident in us, from handling their data to providing proper documentation.  


We give back to the community where ever we can. We see a need and figure out how we can meet it. This year alone we have put over 80 hours of our own time as a team to help those in need with in our community. From gutting rotting houses to providing affordable school laptops to kids that otherwise would not have the means to purchase them.


We continue to maintain a zero landfill impact as the environment is a forethought in everything we do. We place high value in pouring resources into our company garden, where our team members have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a real life example of what we protect on a daily basis. This garden has not only served to bring the environmental piece of our vision to life, it has also create many teaching and learning opportunities. We utilize it to facilitate endless team building exercises! 


Lastly we want to pour into, develop and grow our team members. Our people are the most important part of our business. Each person brings a very unique skill set and genius, making them an invaluable asset. We also work directly with a local ministry to provide work for some who have not had a great past but are now wanting to make a difference. No matter what walk of life one comes from, we believe people deserve a second chance. One of our owner's puts it well, "We are not just in the business of repurposing electronics, we also want to provide an opportunity for people to repurpose their lives!" - Chris Ko

For all these reasons and more, we are so excited to be among the giants in this panel and brag (just a little!) about who ER2 is! We believe day in and day out we are making a difference, we are being responsible.  



500 Votes Hit!

Chris Ko - Saturday, October 18, 2014

Thank you to all who voted! I can't put into words how much that encourages us.

We all put a ton of effort, no let me rephrase that, we bust our butts to continue to grow the vision of ER2. Therefore, your votes validate our efforts and encourage us to keep busting it.

So truly, thank you for supporting us!

iMac Winner - Az Tech Summit!

Chris Ko - Thursday, October 09, 2014

We had a lot of visitors and our booth at the Az Tech Summit was a big hit!  Our giveaways and interactive options included tape measures, hot/cold packs, a photo booth, in which everyone had a blast, and, our iMac giveaway! 

It’s always fun and exciting for everyone involved when there’s a giveaway!  Visitors were encouraged to register or provide a business card to win!  We had a lot of great conversations with people who need to recycle their computers and electronics, both at their companies and personally! 

They were enthusiastic about re-purposing old computers, after securely wiping the hard drives, of course, to be shared with those in our community who can’t afford them! 

We recently surpassed our required number for a grant from Chase Bank in the amount of 150K for our Computers for the Community Program.  You can still vote to support us in our efforts.

Our winner was remembered for his visit to our booth because he was especially funny and enthusiastic.  We are thrilled that Max was the iMac winner!

A Chance to Win a $150K Grant! Help us, Vote Now!

Chris Ko - Friday, October 03, 2014

I'm super excited!


We have the chance to be given a $150,000 grant from Chase's Mission Main Street program. The purpose of the grant is to help small businesses make it big and grow there business and positively impact the community.


As many you know, this grant couldn't be a better fit for ER2. Our community outreach and computer donation program this year has exploded and thanks to our growing number of Partners, we will shatter last years donations.


Just to give you an example of how positively impacting providing a computer to an under privileged teen, let me tell you a story about Ceclia. Ceclia has bounced around from foster home to group home to foster home since she was 11 years old when she was removed from her unstable and abusive home environment.


Ceclia was struggling in her freshman year of high school primarily because she lacked the resources that the other kids had. We were able to give her a laptop and the rest of the story flat out amazed me. Ceclia immediately began learning how to use the computer and increased her knowledge daily. She has now raised her GPA to a 3.5, but more importantly has mastered basic and some advanced skills that will help her in the workforce beyond high school.


A simple click of the mouse HERE, would hopefully allow us to give the same opportunity that Ceclia had to many more deserving teens.


Please Vote NOW - Click Here - https://www.missionmainstreetgrants.com/business/detail/53549



A Giant Thank You! Arizona Technology Summit 2014!

Chris Ko - Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thank You to All Who Visited and Said Hello!


Yesterday we were super fortunate to present and host a booth at the Arizona Technology Summit at the Phoenix Convention Center.


Needless to say if you didn't have FUN visiting us, learning about hard drive destruction, computer and electronic recycling and our equipment purchasing program, that's on you.


We loved visiting with our current and hopefully future partners. The turnout and interaction was incredible.


Looking forward to serving new partners soon!


With Gratitude,


The ER2 Team




Arizona Technology Summit

Chris Ko - Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ko Knows...

Q.        What do you like about the Arizona Technology Summit?

Ko:      The Tech Summit usually brings in Chief Technology Officers (CTO’s) and high level industry people who are the decision  makers we’d like the opportunity to speak with directly.  ER2 gets 15 to 20 solid leads that come out of there.

Q.        What Do You Think of the Tech Summit Event ?

Ko:       It is put on by a top notch production and organized team. There’s a lot of people involved in the industry to make it successful. 

Q.        What is going to be different about this year’s Tech Summit?

Ko:      There will be significantly more participants this year than last year.  Last year there were a lot of municipalities and this year  there’ll be more tech company offerings.

Q.        Why do you think people should attend?

Ko:      It introduces a lot of different perspectives on technology and they’ll be able to access local companies and technologies they’re  looking to implement.

It’s going to be a great summit with a wide variety of information they’re looking for; including security, cloud, mobility, etc.  Attending is definitely worth their time.

We hope to see you there!

ALS Bucket Challenge - ER2 Style

Chris Ko - Thursday, August 28, 2014



ALS is a devastating disease that is receiving it's greatest exposure since Lou Gehrig was diagnosed.

We'd like to challenge you to put some money behind the research needed to find a cure.


At ER2, we hope to band together to encourage our small sphere of influence to join the fight. We hope our vision of Being Responsible to our Community is lived out by all and we are happy to be a part of this great cause.


Full disclosure, it wasn't that big of sacrifice to throw freezing water on ourselves in the 110 degree weather in AZ. Thanks for watching and I hope you donate!


Please donate here by clicking this link: ALS.org Donation Link

Reuse Those Sunflowers

Emily Boser - Thursday, August 14, 2014

In Arizona we have some of the hottest summers around! Often times its difficult if not impossible to grow during these hot months. One must be very selective when choosing summer crops. 

Here in our ER2 Garden it's important to us to have a growing garden year round. This is our living example of why we Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. When the heat rolls in our plant of choice is the sunflower. The flowers currently growing in our garden are in the pics above. They are easy to maintain, grow beautifully in our climate and you can have a rotating crop to ensure summer long blooming. Not only that, but there are so many variations of height and color that the possible results are endless! 

Of course being a company that is founded on the principles of repurposing, people often ask us what we do with the sunflower stalks after the season is over. It's a great question and here are the top 5 ways we know of to put those stalks back to use! 

1) Let them dry out and use them as bean poles, or other vegetable supports in the winter. 
2) They can act as a natural fencing. 
3) They produce great shade cover or privacy, especially if you stake them, planting climbing vines around them. 
4) Believe it or not they can be made into musical instruments, like flutes.
5) They can be chopped up and used as kindling during the winter months.

E-Waste Village in India

Chris Ko - Monday, August 04, 2014

I ran across this article in the BBC: Link to BBC E-Waste Village Slideshow


I'm amazed at my limited scope at times. I look at our beautiful, clean, e-waste processing facility and think that this is how it is being done everywhere else.


The sad truth of the matter is that we can't stick our heads in the sand and think this is how e-waste is being recycled outside of the US.


I hope you view the images and it moves you to promote Responsible Recycling.

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