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Please refer to your local Staples, Best Buy or local government for locations and/or programs that accept residential e-waste.

Do you charge for your services?

  • In most cases, there is NO charge for all of our services including, but not limited to, data destruction, recycling, certificates, and itemized inventory. The only thing we have to charge for is:
  • On-site hard drive shredding or degaussing data destruction (contact us for pricing)
  • Shredding of hard drives only (meaning no recycling of equipment, contact us for pricing)
  • CRT monitors or TVs (those are the old big heavy tube ones): $25 minimum up to 25″ diagonally, $1 additional/inch for larger sets, i.e., A 55″ TV would cost $55 to recycle.
  • Flat-screen TVs are assessed at $0.25/inch measured diagonally.

Do you charge to pick up my equipment?

  • The majority of business partner pickups do not incur a cost, but we ask that all requests begin with our logistics team to determine the types of electronics that you need disposed of.

How quickly can you get here to pick up our equipment?

  • For local customers, in many cases, we can come pick up within 1-2 days, depending on demand. In some cases if we have one of our trucks in the area we can pick up the same day. Click here to schedule a Pick Up
  • For national customers, we typically can schedule a pick up no matter where you are within 3-4 business days, sometimes sooner.

Is there a minimum amount needed for a free pick up?

  • We generally ask that you have accumulated for pickup at least a pallet’s worth of equipment for our truck to collect. If you want us to come pick up a single keyboard or computer we might ask that you collect a little more prior to pick up, or utilize our drop-off facilities. In most cases, any accumulation your business has we would be happy to work with you to acquire. We have local truck pick ups everyday. Click here to schedule a pick up

Will you provide us with a bin to leave on site for us to collect e-waste over a period of time?

  • Absolutely, we will provide you with a bin and come swap it out whenever it is full. Click here to schedule a bin drop off.

What items do you recycle and accept?

Do you buy equipment that is still current and usable?
  • Absolutely, we would love the opportunity to bid on your usable assets for sale. In fact, that is what we specialize in. We have a very robust re-marketing system that we have spent many years building and refining, as a result, we can typically pay you top dollar for your equipment. Email us a bid list or Contact Us for More Info.

Do you pay for end-of-life recycled electronics?

  • In most cases, No. But if you are recycling large amounts of equipment on a regular basis, we will build a custom program for you. Contact Us for more info.

Do you pay for commodities like wire, copper, aluminum, etc?

  • Yes, we do, for our business customers. For the latest prices Contact Us for more info
What type of reporting can you provide?
  • All of our partners will receive a Certificate of Recycling, releasing all environmental and data destruction liabilities to us. In addition, if we receive any data-containing device, we will provide you with a Certificate of Data Destruction with the serial number of the device on it, fully releasing you of any liability and placing full responsibility on ER2.
  • We have built a customized asset management application that gives us the ability to provide you with a full manifest of the equipment, asset tags, serial numbers and any other identification reporting you require. Contact Us for more info

We have multiple locations around the country, can you service them?

  • Absolutely, whether you have multiple locations or data center co-locations, we can provide service to you throughout the country. Whether we take care of the pick up ourselves, or leverage our certificated logistical partner network to handle it, you can rest assured your assets will be safely and securely removed and shipped back to our processing facilities. Contact Us for more info

With multiple national locations, will you still provide me with the reporting needed?

  • Yes, we have built a customized asset management application that allows us to report to you exactly what was recycled at each location. Furthermore, we can provide you with a full manifest of the equipment, asset tags, serial numbers and any other identification reporting you require. Contact Us for more info

Can you still provide these services at NO charge?

  • In most cases, YES. The reason being we are willing to front the logistical cost to recycle the equipment and utilize the profits from the re-marketing of the equipment to offset the upfront cost. If the equipment doesn’t have enough re-marketable value we may require some compensation for the cost. Contact Us for more info
What types of Data Destruction do you provide?
  • We can provide pretty much any type of destruction you require. We can shred, degauss, or securely sanitize your data with Department of Defense and NSA approved methods.
  • Click Here for more info

Why should I securely wipe my hard drive vs shred it?

  • First, it will increase your asset recovery. Second, it is much more environmentally positive if the material isn’t shredded.
  • We utilize US Department of Defense approved sanitization software that completely eliminates the data from the hard drive. It will write 3 passes to every sector of the drive, the 1st pass will be 0’s, 2nd “f’s” and 3rd random characters and then verify. We also randomly check wiped drives utilizing the top 20 data recovery software to ensure all data has been wiped, to date we have never recovered any data.
  • We also carry a $5M Professional Liability policy for further assurance. Roughly 90% of all our clients elect this method.
  • Click Here for more info

How much do you charge for Data Destruction?

  • If you are recycling other items with us, there is no charge.
  • If there are a large amount of just hard drives, we typically charge for destruction services or on-site destruction. However, if you choose to have them securely sanitized utilizing our DoD and NIST approved sanitization methods, there will be no charge.
  • Contact Us for more info

What is your Data Destruction SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)?

  • We have a documented, audited process that maintains the highest level of security, chain of custody, and verification. Please contact us directly for a copy of our documented SOP.
  • Contact Us for the SOP

I have a lot of sensitive data on my devices, how do you secure it?

  • From the secured, GPS-tracked transportation and pick up, to the data destruction process, we have multiple security measures in place that ensure your equipment will be securely processed. We have a 24-7 video and security-monitored, controlled-access facility. In addition, once your equipment arrives at our facility, it is secured in a limited-access room until the data has been destroyed.
Are you a Certified Electronic Recycler and why is that important?
  • Yes, we are certified to the Responsible Recycling standard. The standard ensures that the recycler maintains and continually improves positive environmental practices throughout their operation including a zero-landfill impact and zero-export to underdeveloped and under-regulated countries. As a certified recycler, we have to track everything that comes in through our doors to its final disposition, whether that is being fully refurbished or commodity-grade material.
  • The sad reality is that recyclers that are not certified are highly incentivized to conduct environmentally irresponsible activities that can have a significantly negative impact on unknowing people and underdeveloped countries. Whether you choose us or not, please highly consider using a certified electronic recycler. Click Here to view our certified facilities.

What standards are you certified to?

  • ER2 is certified to four international standards: R2:2008 Responsible Recycling Practices; RIOS Recycling Industry Operating Standard; ISO 9001: 2008; Quality Management System; and ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System. Click Here to see our certs

What happens to the recycled electronics?

  • In following the recycling hierarchy of Reuse, Recover, Recycle, ER2 believes we are the best in the world at extracting the most value out of every item that passes through our doors. We do our best to reuse and fully refurbish the electronics received. If they can’t be reused, as a whole we will extract the working components for reuse, and responsibly recycle the rest.
  • When we must opt to recycle, we will break the components down to the elemental form (steel, plastic, aluminum, copper, etc.) to be then passed on to a commodity-specific processing plant that will turn the material back into commodity-grade material to be reused in manufacturing, building, etc. once again. Our certifications hold us accountable for the material all the way to final disposition.

Do you ship the e-waste to underdeveloped or under-regulated countries, like China or African countries?

  • NO, and we can prove it. We are audited by a third-party auditor that reviews and verifies our shipments, processes and downstream vendors. We hold elite certifications that hold us to the highest standards.

** We no longer accept residential drop-offs. If you have a tech you would like to recycle, congrats, you’re awesome but unfortunately, we can’t take it.

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