Being responsible isn't our goal, it's our essence.


At ER2, we strive to live out sustainable, responsible practices that positively impact

our partners, team members, community and environment.

Our Services

Our desire is to provide these services at NO COST to you!

As a NAID member, we provide the highest level of secure data destruction, whether on-site or at our secure facility. We can provide full surveillance and evidence of destruction that meets and exceeds all regulatory requirements. We have secure data sanitation software, NSA approved degaussing and shredding services.


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We are certified and third-party audited to maintain a zero-landfill impact. What does that mean? It means that we can account for every product we receive until it is fully refurbished or returned to a commodity grade, without being sent to under-developed countries that don't have environmental protections for processing e-waste.


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End-of-life asset management tends to be an after-thought during most refreshes and can be a daunting task for most IT professionals. At ER2, we shoulder the burden. We go to the site, decommission, pack and ship your assets. We also will provide you with a full manifest and inventory by S/N, Asset Tag, Model, etc., including a data destruction and recycling certificate.


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Asset Recovery & Purchase

Liquidation and Closeout

Commodity Purchase

Does your equipment still have significant value?


We will purchase it from you directly upfront. You won't have to wait for a reconciliation, profit sharing or handling fees and other needless charges. We can also put together a customized program that meet your needs.


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Business moving, location closing down, or is stuff just piling up?


Allow us to do all the hard work for you and, most of the time, pay you to do it.  All the packing and inventorying of miscellaneous stuff adds up, and can be a daunting task. We have our professional crew come, when convenient, and handle everything for you.


Do you accrue scrap metal, wire, copper, aluminum, circuit boards?


We pay top dollar and will pick it up from you. We'll even stage bins or boxes at your location for convenient collection.



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Certified Data Security

Asset Recovery

Positive Environmental & Community Impact

Responsible Recycling

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