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As a team; we seek to grow, learn and serve in our community; believing that together, we can accomplish anything

We are caretakers; entrusted to leave this earth better than when we arrived

Giving and serving those around us is a natural result of the generosity we have already been blessed with


accountable • refining • conscientious

We live by a principle we developed called ARC.


An Arc is caused by an electrical pulse that bridges a gap between electrodes. In order to bridge the gap between our best intentions and making a significant impact; we must ARC.


We are:


Accountable for our actions • Refining constantly • Conscientious of others

Our History...

We continue to build a socially and environmentally responsible company that provides industry leading recycling and asset management services to our partners, simultaneously acting as a conduit to make a positive impact in our community and on our environment.


We have been blessed to have grown rapidly with help of wonderful Partners who have caught the vision with us and have committed to Be Responsible. Together we are able to continue to write our story and hope that it continues to reveal new chapters that change lives and protect the world we been entrusted with.


AUGUST 2012 - 2015


APRIL 2016

ER2 Electronic Responsible Recyclers was founded by owners Rick Krug & Chris Ko.

ER2 Arizona, acquires R2, e-Stewards, NAID and RIOS certifications, making it the only electronic recycling company in Arizona to hold all certs.

ER2 expands across USA and launches it's second location in Memphis, Tennessee.

ER2 continues to see growth and hires on it's 50th employee!

JUNE 2016

ER2 Tennessee, begins undergoing the certification process for R2, e-Stewards, RIOS, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

JUNE 2017

ER2 is fully certified across all facilities in R2, e-Stewards, NAID, RIOS, ISO 9001 and 14001!

Chris Ko

Rick Krug

Ben Peters

Emily Gonzales

Tyler Whitney

"We hope to prove sustainability and social responsibility is a viable business foundation"

"A foundation of a strong work ethic and rigorous, disciplined approach forces continual improvement"

"It is our responsibility to provide unmatched service and continually exceed our partners expectations"

"It is with passion that we make a positive impact on our surrounding community by giving back."

"Our process sets us apart, we do our best to maximize the potential of every item we receive"

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