Responsible Recycling

Zero-Landfill impact and Zero-Export of E-Waste to Underdeveloped Countries

None of your electronics or e-waste will ever see a landfill or reach an underdeveloped, unregulated country that lacks the resources to control and audit responsible recycling practices.


At ER2, we are R2 (Responsible Recycling) Certified*, which means we are audited for the accounting and tracking of all material that comes through our doors, from the time we receive it, to the time it is completely refurbished or returned to its finished commodity form.   Additionally, we must maintain proof of the downstream process through on-site auditing and thorough downstream vendor surveys.



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Recycling is our last resort


We make a considerable effort to do whatever it takes to re-purpose, rather than recycle, the items we receive.


We have spent years developing our propriety software and re-purposing assessment to maximize our effectiveness.


All material received  will

never see a landfill

ER2 is able to recycle 100%  of the e-waste and other electronic components we receive while typical operations recycle as little as 60% of the material received.


We take this a step further,  operating an internal recycling program so our company waste production is recycled (paper, plastic, cardboard, glass, etc.)


To  underdeveloped countries


If you recycle with a non-certified recycler who exports, you could be held liable for breaking a number of international laws.


Underdeveloped countries lack the resources to monitor or enforce how e-waste is recycled.  Unfortunately, the easiest way to recoup the metals is to burn it.  Burning e-waste is extremely toxic and has horrific environmental and health effects, not only to the people who handle it, but those who live nearby.


This has the potential to be a public relations nightmare should your exported e-waste be tracked back to you.


We can prove we're responsible!

Just Ask.

Many recyclers promise that they responsibly recycle your electronics.  Don't take their word for it.   In fact, don't even take ours.  Ask to see our third-party audit*.


We want you to be absolutely certain that your end of life electronics are being handled legally and responsibly; making a positive impact on our environment through re-purposing and reuse.


When you recycle with ER2 you will receive:


Certificate of Recycling

Certifying that we are responsible to handle the electronics responsibly with zero-landfill impact and zero-export to under developed countries, releasing you of all liability

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