Be Responsible.

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Entrusting us to responsibly manage their assets


Chain of Custody

Data Security


ER2 was founded in 2010 by Rick Krug and Chris Ko with the dream to build a socially and environmentally responsible company that provided industry-leading service to our partners while at the same time being the conduit to making a positive impact in our community and on our environment.


We have been blessed to have grown rapidly with help of wonderful Partners who have caught the vision with us and have committed to Be Responsible. Together we are able to continue to write our story and hope that it continues to reveal new chapters that change lives and protect the world we been entrusted with.

Simply, to BE RESPONSIBLE, to our Partners, Team Members, Environment and Community.


We practically live this out, by providing our Partners with certified fill impact end-of-life asset management including secure data destruction.


Our Team Members are provided an environment to grow and model their skills and gifts to help achieve their dreams.


Environmentally responsible by practicing practical sustainable disciplines throughout our business.


Our Community must benefit from our actions as a member or we have failed to do our part.

We live by a principle we developed called ARC.


An electrical Arc is caused by an electrical pulse that bridges a gap between electrodes. In the same, way in order for us to bridge the gap between our best of intentions and actually making an impact we must ARC.


Accountable for our actions

Refining constantly

Conscientious of others

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