Our Services

Our objective is to provide these services at NO COST to you!

We provide the highest level of secure data destruction, whether on-site or destroying your hard drives  at our secure facility.  We can provide you with proof of full surveillance and evidence of destruction that meets and exceeds all regulatory requirements. We have secure data sanitation software, and NSA  approved degaussing and shredding services.


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We are certified, and third-party audited, to maintain a zero-landfill impact.   We can account for every asset  we receive until it is fully refurbished or returned to a commodity grade.


Nothing is sent to under-developed countries that don't have environmental protections for e waste recycling.


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We provide full IT life cycle support. including certified end of life management, and computer disposal.


We come to your site, decommission, pack and ship your assets to our secure facility.  We provide a customized inventory by S/N, Asset Tag, Model, etc., based on your specific requirements, including a data destruction and recycling certificate.


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Asset Recovery & Purchase

Liquidation and Closeout

Commodity Purchase

Does your usable equipment still have significant value?


You don't have to wait for the sale of your items, reconciliation and profit sharing.  There are no handling fees  or other needless charges.  We simply write you a check.


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Business moving, location closing down, or is stuff just piling up?


Allow us to do the hard work for you and potentially pay you to do it.   All the packing can be a difficult task.  We can have our professional crew come, when convenient, and handle everything for you.


Do you accrue scrap metal, wire, copper, aluminum, or circuit boards?


We pay top dollar, and free pick up.  We'll even provide and stage bins or boxes at your location for convenient collection.




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