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Mesa, Arizona

Worldwide Headquarters

Situated off Southern Ave, the Mesa, Arizona location is home to our Worldwide Headquarters. Geographically where you establish a company is quite possibly the most import decision one can make. When you think, ‘Electronic Recycling’, Arizona may not be the first place that crosses your mind. However for us, it made perfect sense! We 'reclaimed' an old cabinetry warehouse and made it our own from the ground up including; high efficiency LED lighting, retained and reused water run off, and high end bathrooms using reclaimed goods. All in all, it is the essence of what ER2's vision is... Be Responsible.


Services Offered

• Data Destruction

• Responsible Recycling

• Asset Recovery

• Asset Management


Hours of Operation:

Mon - Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm (MST)




730 E Southern Ave

Mesa, AZ 85204


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