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The Memphis Makeover

Emily Boser - Wednesday, March 02, 2016



As we are settling into our new building off of 4th Street in the inner city of Memphis, Tennessee, things are coming together. The look and feel of our company and brand has emerged and it’s exciting to say the least!


We have had many questions like why do you choose the buildings and locations you do? How do you counter the cost and time to reface these structures? All are valid questions and we answer them the same way we do with anything else.


We are responsible. We take the time to look at the resources and make smart spending decisions that allow us to save where we can. We make it a priority to utilize a lot of reclaimed materials to build out facilities and put our own sweat equity into it. We strategically select locations that may not be ‘prime’ real estate to others, but to us they are locations that will allow for regrowth in the surrounding community, and provide jobs to areas that need them.


And because we build out these structures with the collaborative suggestions of our team, they turn out stunning. Buildings that we are proud to talk about and excited to show off! Just as this was the case with our Worldwide Headquarters in Mesa, Arizona, so it is with our new location in Memphis, Tennessee.

If you are someone interested in the Electronic Recycling industry and would like a tour of one of our facilities, click the ‘Schedule A Tour!’ link below and we can arrange a time to take you around!



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A Visit From Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema

Emily Boser - Thursday, May 07, 2015



We were privileged enough to have Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema @RepSinema visit ER2 during Small Business Week. It was hustle and bustle through out the facility as we prepared for her arrival and it was a memorable experience for all our team members to have the chance to meet and interact with her. 

As we led Congresswoman Sinema on the grand tour of our facility, we walked her through our not only our process, but how we genuinely make every effort to put our team members, partners, the community and the environment in the forefront of daily business. She was genuine and sweet and put every effort to mingle with our people. 

After all the dust had settled and we were able to take a step back, we realized how much we had accomplished in such a short period of time prior to the Congresswoman's visit. The camaraderie that was built and the team work that took place to ensure we were putting our best foot forward and it would be a of significance for our guest, was incredible. So often we find ourselves in the busyness of each day, with the desire to be the best of the best. Our standard is excellence, in each and every aspect of our business. But it's visit's like this that we can really pause and see all we have accomplished as a team and company. 

The growth of ER2 is incredible and we are so excited for whatever comes around the next corner!

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