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A Fresh Start in a Rough Area

Emily Boser - Thursday, October 06, 2016


We were recently featured on News Channel 3 in Memphis, TN via an interview with our General Manger, Tyler Whitney. They put together a great video that does a really great job of laying out who we are and our vision to Be Responsible. Below is the article...


Click here to check out the video!


MEMPHIS, Tenn --"I had a friend I shared a vision with on how business and a social enterprise could pair up well together," said Tyler Whitney of ER2, Electronic Responsible Recyclers.


Chris Ko and Rick Krug, owners of ER2, have their base facility out of Pheonix, AZ. They recently began looking for another location further east to expand.


With access to many distribution points and great customer landscape they were able to settle on Memphis for their second base location.

They then decided to choose a location in Downtown to fulfill their company’s desire for sociality.


"Wanting to be in a community that needs some revitalization we bought an old abandoned warehouse and put a bunch of money, time, and effort into it," explained Whitney. He spoke about their vision of responsibility to their partners, their team members, their environment, and their community in the 38126 zip code.


"This area is really under served, not a lot of employment opportunities. So we give a lot of employment opportunities [to those] that aren't going to find it elsewhere," shared Whitney. He continued, "it could be from criminal records, poor education, [or] a lot of different reasons, but we take the best from the area to teach them and coach them and be patient with them to help build all aspects of their life."


With its recent reconstruction finished and their company in full swing, Whitney hopes to continue the growth in the company as well as the community. Since they opened for business in May they have grown from 1 employee to 20 with no signs of stopping.


ER2's main purpose is to partner with businesses that have old IT equipment that is on its way out or needs to be destroyed. Companies can arrange a pickup or drop off of the equipment and ER2 will recycle it in a responsible way. This could be refurbishing and reselling it or scraping it.


If they need to scrap a product they deconstruct it and sell off the commodities after pulling any data contained in the device. With all that done they can properly destroy the data and repurpose the equipment. At the end of it all, companies will receive an itemized inventory of the equipment to wipe from their books.


"It's exciting to see a lot of businesses, including ours, invest in the city, with time and money to see that this city is changed," said Whitney.



ER2 is an electronic recycling company located in Phoenix, Arizona and Memphis, Tennessee servicing all of the United States and Canada. Providing services that include: Secure Hard Drive Shredding, Electronic Recycling, Computer Recycling, E-Waste Recycling, IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Solutions and Free Pick-up.


Your skills can make a difference!

Emily Boser - Thursday, July 21, 2016


Getting to know your team is vital to the culture and comradery of a business. Everyone has different talents and passions, it’s what make us all unique.

One of our Team Members, Steve, loves photography, especially nature photography, specifically birds. He spends well invested time waiting for the perfect moment to photograph these amazing creatures.


However, Steve does not just take these photos for his own pleasure, he’s made it a priority to find way to use his photographs to help others. Over past years, Steve has partnered with the Down Syndrome Network to donate some of his best work to their silent auctions. All the proceeds from the auction goes to the ongoing education, support and advocacy for individuals with Down syndrome.


The most recent donation he made was a company favorite of a fuzzy little duckling!


“I am super proud to have my work featured in the Down Syndrome Charity auction.” Steve said. “This will be the third year that I have participated in the auction as a contributing artist. It’s nice to be able to share my photography with others and help out a great cause all at the same time. DSNetworkaz.org is a great organization and this year we were proud to donate close to $30,000.00 to the Down Syndrome Network.”


For us at ER2, this is something we choose to encourage our team in. We want them to grow in their passions and continuously improve their skills.

We are so proud to have a wonderful group of people working together to make a positive impact on our communities!


For more information about the Down Syndrome Network check out the links below…


Charity Auction Information

DSNetwork Information

ER2 is an electronic recycling company located in Phoenix, Arizona and Memphis, Tennessee servicing all of the United States and Canada. Providing services that include: Secure Hard Drive Shredding, Electronic Recycling, Computer Recycling, E-Waste Recycling, IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Solutions and Free Pick-up.


The Memphis Makeover

Emily Boser - Wednesday, March 02, 2016



As we are settling into our new building off of 4th Street in the inner city of Memphis, Tennessee, things are coming together. The look and feel of our company and brand has emerged and it’s exciting to say the least!


We have had many questions like why do you choose the buildings and locations you do? How do you counter the cost and time to reface these structures? All are valid questions and we answer them the same way we do with anything else.


We are responsible. We take the time to look at the resources and make smart spending decisions that allow us to save where we can. We make it a priority to utilize a lot of reclaimed materials to build out facilities and put our own sweat equity into it. We strategically select locations that may not be ‘prime’ real estate to others, but to us they are locations that will allow for regrowth in the surrounding community, and provide jobs to areas that need them.


And because we build out these structures with the collaborative suggestions of our team, they turn out stunning. Buildings that we are proud to talk about and excited to show off! Just as this was the case with our Worldwide Headquarters in Mesa, Arizona, so it is with our new location in Memphis, Tennessee.

If you are someone interested in the Electronic Recycling industry and would like a tour of one of our facilities, click the ‘Schedule A Tour!’ link below and we can arrange a time to take you around!



Schedule A Tour!


A Giant Thank You! Arizona Technology Summit 2014!

Chris Ko - Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thank You to All Who Visited and Said Hello!


Yesterday we were super fortunate to present and host a booth at the Arizona Technology Summit at the Phoenix Convention Center.


Needless to say if you didn't have FUN visiting us, learning about hard drive destruction, computer and electronic recycling and our equipment purchasing program, that's on you.


We loved visiting with our current and hopefully future partners. The turnout and interaction was incredible.


Looking forward to serving new partners soon!


With Gratitude,


The ER2 Team




ALS Bucket Challenge - ER2 Style

Chris Ko - Thursday, August 28, 2014



ALS is a devastating disease that is receiving it's greatest exposure since Lou Gehrig was diagnosed.

We'd like to challenge you to put some money behind the research needed to find a cure.


At ER2, we hope to band together to encourage our small sphere of influence to join the fight. We hope our vision of Being Responsible to our Community is lived out by all and we are happy to be a part of this great cause.


Full disclosure, it wasn't that big of sacrifice to throw freezing water on ourselves in the 110 degree weather in AZ. Thanks for watching and I hope you donate!


Please donate here by clicking this link: ALS.org Donation Link

Reuse Those Sunflowers

Emily Boser - Thursday, August 14, 2014

In Arizona we have some of the hottest summers around! Often times its difficult if not impossible to grow during these hot months. One must be very selective when choosing summer crops. 

Here in our ER2 Garden it's important to us to have a growing garden year round. This is our living example of why we Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. When the heat rolls in our plant of choice is the sunflower. The flowers currently growing in our garden are in the pics above. They are easy to maintain, grow beautifully in our climate and you can have a rotating crop to ensure summer long blooming. Not only that, but there are so many variations of height and color that the possible results are endless! 

Of course being a company that is founded on the principles of repurposing, people often ask us what we do with the sunflower stalks after the season is over. It's a great question and here are the top 5 ways we know of to put those stalks back to use! 

1) Let them dry out and use them as bean poles, or other vegetable supports in the winter. 
2) They can act as a natural fencing. 
3) They produce great shade cover or privacy, especially if you stake them, planting climbing vines around them. 
4) Believe it or not they can be made into musical instruments, like flutes.
5) They can be chopped up and used as kindling during the winter months.

San Fran, Coffee, Art and PayPal

Chris Ko - Thursday, June 12, 2014

Today I was very fortunate to be a part of a seller panel and press announcement for Paypal's new Passport launch.


I flew into San Fran in the morning and out in the afternoon.  The weather was perfect and I could easily see the desire to live there.


The PayPal team was incredible, the venue was unique and hip, and I was able to give a video interview that may or may not air.


Either way, I was thankful to be apart of such a great company, help support small businesses and hopefully increase global trade.



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