Asset Recovery and Purchase

Maximize your return on your usable equipment

Your IT assets that still have usable life may have recoverable value.  ER2 offers full service ITAD solutions, including direct purchase of your electronics, computers, e waste and equipment. Simply sell your electronics and equipment to us. There are NO FEES for our complete, certified Asset Disposition and Management services.  We custom tailor your IT asset value recovery program to suit your specific requirements.

We provide you with professional, certified and secure e waste recycling services.


No Fees

Why do that to you?


Say goodbye to handling fees, inventory fees, data destruction fees, and certificate fees.


At ER2, we believe we have a competitive advantage over all other ITADs. We won't charge you fees, period. Our process and efficiencies provide the profit to pay you for the residual value of your assets.



Customized Programs

Asset Recovery Your Way


We will custom tailor your asset recovery program to suit your specific goals and needs. Your company may have protocols or Standard Operating Procedures for asset disposal. We utilize our own proprietary software program, which is readily adapted to provide you with flexible, custom tracking that fits your requirements.



Whether your specific needs include direct purchase, profit share, scrap pricing, or a charitable donation program, we make it happen for you.


Direct Purchase

Don't wait for a settlement


Many times your assets have significant re-marketable value, but you have neither the time nor the expertise in re-marketing or selling directly to end consumers. We have spent the last 15 years perfecting and building our end user clientele. Therefore, we can afford to purchase items directly from you, so you don't have to wait on a settlement or hope that you get fair value.


Employee Programs

Give your employees options


How many times have your employees asked, "can I buy that before you get rid of it?" Instead of wasting your IT professionals time, we have solved the nightmare of selling assets to your employees. Instead of providing access to just your desirable assets, we provide your employees with special pricing on over 4,000 items that we offer regularly at incredible prices. They can purchase online and have it shipped to their door.

Charitable Donations

Direct refurbished computers to your favorite charity


Many times our partners desire to benefit a charity of their choosing, but don't have the resources to prepare their assets in a form that is beneficial to the charity. At ER2, we will not only donate on our Partner's behalf, we will fully refurbish their assets and even add other accessories to make the donation exactly what the charity needs. Our Partners will receive 100% of the benefit of the donation without the hassle.

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