Decommission and End of Life Asset Management

We handle the decommission, packing,  accounting and inventorying of your electronic assets

At ER2, we provide full IT life cycle support; shouldering the burden of end of life asset management by providing you with a complete customized inventory of your end of life assets by S/N, Asset Tag, Model, etc., including an electronic asset disposal and e waste recycling certificate that is valid for IRS, HIPAA and other end-of-life regulations. We also specialize in certified asset hardware destruction for equipment, such as hard drives, that are not to be reused, providing you with a Certificate of Destruction .  Certified end-of-life asset management tends to be an afterthought during most technology refreshes and can be a daunting task for most IT professionals. We're your partner for asset management and disposal after a technology refresh, project shutdown, office closing or liquidation.

Asset Management

Asset Decommission

Itemized Inventory

Complete Customized


We will tailor a customized inventory plan, depending on your requirements.


Whether that includes the asset tag, serial number, brand, type, model, etc, we ease the burden and produce a report to fit your needs.


Our proprietary software will automatically send you the report when complete. You will then be set up with a customer portal to access those documents remotely at your convenience.


End-of-Life Regulations Our Asset Management Satisfies




- SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley)


- DoD 5220.22-M

- NIST SP 800-88

- GLB (Gramm-Leach-Bliley)

- FACTA  (Fair and Accurate

   Credit Transactions Act)

- ITAD (Identity Theft and

   Assumption Deterrence


- US Safe Harbor Provisions

- FDA Security Regulations


   (Fair Credit

   Reporting Act)

- PCI Data Security


- Bank Secrecy Act

- USA Patriot Act

- Homeland Security

   Information Sharing Act



We'll do the packing

We send our highly trained technicians to uninstall your IT assets as is, where is.  We then securely package and ship to our secure location where we perform an itemized inventory of the assets received.


No project is too big or too small.  We can handle it.

Nationwide Pick Up

Where ever you are, we are

Our national presence allows us to serve our clients with multiple locations across the country.


Save yourself the hassle of trying to locate reliable, certified recycling and re-marketing firms.


We handle it all.


We can also service internationally through our certified partner network.





When you decommission with ER2 you will receive:


An Itemized Inventory Reconciliation

Let us do the work, our custom software will generate a manifest that includes fields of your choosing (asset tag, serial number, host name, client, make and model, specs, etc.)


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